Friday, February 3, 2012

Danny Color Poll Results

So the voting is in, and yellow stripe is the winner. Can't say I can argue with the results. I fell in love with the color scheme as well. Yellow is always a great color for swimmers. Especially if your wallet demands you be careful in your purchases. It can stay in your bag both day and night, and in any moon condition. Its great in dirty or clear water as well. It really never has to leave your bag, well except for when its busy catching fish.

Next up was black skeleton. I have been a huge fan of white scales on a black body since my first 6" Bomber that had that color pattern. I called it "black skeleton". No idea what Bomber's official name for it was and I don't think they make it anymore. I might have been in mourning for a few days when I lost my last one on the front of a jetty. My love for that scheme then turned into an obsession for black scale darters. I think I cleaned the shelves of every Gibbs 1 5/8 oz black scale darter in Monmouth County. Its simply a great night color, whether it be stripes or scales, the fish seem to jump all over that black/white contrast.

Third place goes to bunker scale. Another very versatile color for just about any condition. I might take it out of the bag in dirty water, but otherwise its as good as any. It has a bit more realism in case the fish are really picky during the day in gin clear water. A solid fish catching color.

Thanks for the voting. I enjoy hearing what you guys have to say, and this definitely gives me some direction in what to paint. You'll see all 3 of these colors, plus a few others, at the Berkeley Striper Club's and Asbury Park's Fishing Club's Flea markets on March 4th and 11th, respectively.  Stop by the table and come chat for a few!

3" pikes should be getting sealed this weekend. Maybe another color poll for them early next week, what do you think?

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