Thursday, March 29, 2012

Welcome to our newest dealers!

I have some exciting news for this week. Two new dealers! Yeah! I am pretty excited about both of them, so without further adieu.

RM Tackle
The word leaked yesterday, so I don't have to bite my tongue anymore. Thank goodness. The highly acclaimed plug builder, Ryan Smith will be taking over the Online Store. He has given it a huge makeover, and its very impressive. Today (March 29th) at 12:30, the store will launch. You will see lures from RM Smith, Guppy Lures, Jigman Lures, J Stirpe Woodworking (Johnny), collaborations and even Choopy. I am incredibly humbled to be cast into that group of builders.

Oceanside Bait and Tackle
After hearing really good things about this shop over the past year, I had the chance to meet Val at the Southern Regional Fishing Club's Flea Market. Luckily for me, some friends of hers had already created a bit of a buzz after they picked up a few of my darters. I am really thrilled to have my lures their shop to make getting plugs to all the folks on LBI much easier. I will be dropping of plugs on Friday (March 30th), so stop in the shop over the weekend and check them out!

Oceanside Bait and Tackle
8201 Long Beach Blvd.
Brighton Beach, NJ 08008

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