Monday, April 9, 2012

How many licks to make a needlefish

To continue with last weeks poll/give-away to see how many steps are involved in making a 1 1/2 oz. needlefish, here's a brief synopsis of the work involved. I know everyone says a needlefish is just a dumb lure, a stick with hooks. I thought it might be interesting to go into some detail on what it takes to make a "stick with hooks".

This is a list of the process

1. Cut blank to length
2. Find center of blank
3. Cut blank on lathe to shape
4. Sand
5. Through drill
6. Cut off ends
7. Sand ends
8. Drill hole for hook hanger
9. Shape heads
10. Drill hole for belly weight
11. Drill holes for eyes
12. Drill hole for tail weight
13. Pour lead for tail and belly weights
14. Epoxy in belly weight
15. Add filler as needed
16. Sand
17. Clean blank with compressed air
18. Seal blank with epoxy sealer
19. Sand
20. Paint
21. Epoxy clear coat
22. Epoxy eyes and grommets
23. Through wire
24. Tie tail hook
25. Assemble plug with hooks
26. Package

The only thing left is to find a moving tide and bass slurping down sand eels and spearing!

This is a pretty brief synopsis. I could expand each step about the how and why, but lets remember its just a stick with hooks. This is just a representation of the fabrication and doesn't include all time to design the lure, testing, making the jigs for drilling, molds for lead or even the time spent doing paperwork.

So we conclude with the winner of the 1 1/2 oz. needlefish. No one left a comment with the correct answer, so I am going to open it up to everyone that left a comment. The winner is.... Shawn. Send me an email with your address and I will ship it out to you. Thanks everyone!

Any questions? Leave a comment!

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