Sunday, June 17, 2012

Whats new?

I have a been lazy in writing here.

Early 4" Spook Prototype
But here is an update on some fun stuff about building plugs. Prototypes. I really enjoy making new plugs. Especially ones that are completely new to me. The past month or so, I have been fishing in the freshwater a lot. Its a world that I didn't quite understand and I am learning quite a bit about largemouth, smallmouth, pickerel and pike. I fished for them as a kid, but usually dismiss that experience as "just being a kid".

Any freshwater fishing that I have done has had the same approach as I fish for striped bass. Its one of the reasons that the 3" Pike makes a ton of sense to me, but confuses some largemouth fisherman. Have faith in it! It catches fish and has been one of my top producers this year.

Preliminary body's

After fishing buzzbaits a few mornings, I get why some largemouth fisherman are so confused. I am terribly uncomfortable fishing a lure fast, and they are uncomfortable fishing a lure so slow. Progress is being made here.

So one of the lures that I have been learning to fish is a Zara Spook. Its kind of the best of both methods of thinking. You actively fish the plug quickly, yet it stays in the water for a long time. I never really fished them before in the freshwater, and not in the saltwater, so it took me a while to level out the learning curve. I got the hang of it though and got more than a few fish to confirm.

5" Spook Prototypes ready for epoxy sealer
So of course, I had to enter my shop and try to figure out how to make one. Fortunately for me, a few friends gave me some basic guidelines on weight, size, length, etc. Then I hit the shop and make it happen.  I am four versions into making them, and after a lengthy testing session in the river, I have a few that are ready to be sealed and into the hands of a couple trusted friends.

I am working on 2 sizes. One is specifically for my friend's musky and largemouth fishing. Right now it is 5" long and 1.5 oz. He wanted it a bit larger, but I talked him down from a 8" and 3 oz. spook. He has been watching too many video's on YouTube about Califonia largemouth's. From initial testing, I think this is a good start and will be a bit more versatile. After some initial testing, we agreed that there is a place in the saltwater for this plug during the mullet and bunker migrations. His experience on the water next weekend will clue me in on if I have to start over, or build on what I have.
4" Spook Prototypes ready for epoxy sealer

The second size is about 4" long and will weigh about .75 oz. This one is more closely mimics a super spook jr. This one has been a bit more temperamental to figure out, but I think I am close. A few fish this morning blew up on it but missed the hooks, so I must be in the right area code.

So there's a few interesting things I am working on. They may end up being complete flops and end up in the bin of plugs to be thrown in the fire during the cold winter. They might end up catching a bunch of fish and you see them in your favorite tackle shop in the future. You never just know.

Next week I will clue you in on another new little plug that I have been working on that has been catching very well in the local lakes and ponds.

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