Monday, September 24, 2012

Pop. Pop. POP!

Its that time. Mullet are making their presence known. Peanuts are getting uneasy in the back water. New England is getting a bit crazy and the Mid-Atlantic fisherman are getting tired of waiting.

I don't think its the fish though. Its just the cool weather that makes us remember past fall mornings of good fishing after a long summer absence of stripers.  After fishing a full night of tides, I wish the sun would almost rise so I can throw poppers to striped bass and bluefish cruising the surf line looking for their next meal.

I am really excited to have released a the 1 1/2 oz Popper earlier this year, just for this time of fall. This popper is a perfect mullet and peanut imitation and saved a few tough night last year in early October.

In order to spread these around a bit, and celebrate the beginning of the fall run, I am going to offer a few of these at a super cheap price of $15.00 (plus shipping) while supplies last . I only have a few, so just like on every corny TV ad, "Don't hesitate, call now!" Send me an email with what you would like, and I'll let you know what colors are still available.

I have the following colors:
• Yellow/Red head
• Blue Scale
• White/Red head
• Natural

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