Monday, November 12, 2012

Catching Up: Sandy

In case you haven't heard, hurricane/super storm Sandy wreaked havoc along the North East's shorelines two weeks ago. I am not sure whats there to say about the destruction left behind. The pictures and video tell the story, and words really don't do it justice. So I am not going to try. If you haven't already, please help your neighbors and friends affected by the storm in any way you can.

We got power back a few days ago, and I fired the lathe back up and will have some new stuff out shortly. hint = sinking needlefish.

And a huge thanks to all the workers from all the utility companies working to help us out.  I have seen trucks from Ohio, Tennessee, Maryland, Washington, Illinois, Arkansas and Missouri. I am sure there are plenty of others that are helping as well.

Right before the storm, I delivered an assortment of lures to Jersey Hooker Outfitters in Brick, NJ. I also delivered some 5/8 oz. Needlefish to Fishermen's Supply in Point Pleasant, NJ. I am sure all the local shops the NJ coast could use some foot traffic, so please stop by and check them out.

The urge to fish is currently being suppressed with cleaning up, putting lives back in order and police check points, but soon enough things will get back in place and we will find ourselves listening to the waves, the wonderful sound of korkers on rocks and bass slurping spearing. It will be a different shoreline to fish, but home none the less.  I hope everyone made it through the storm safely and you will be in the suds soon.

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