Monday, November 26, 2012

Custom Colors

Last week was pretty hectic, as it usually is around the holidays. I took some time off from the real job, had some family time for the holiday and hit the shop pretty hard. One of my "projects" was to paint a few custom 3 oz. Metal Lip Swimmer colors by request.

A few colors I had never thought much of before, a few I have seen on other builder's lures and of course a couple classics. Ever since RM Smith did a few black with chartreuse head danny's, I have been a fan of that color. I believe the chartreuse side with black dots was a Lefty Carr color that he often painted.

The color that I really was drawn to was the solid dark red. Dark enough to fish with confidence at night, but bright enough for it to fish well in low light conditions like dusk and dawn. I have always done well with yellow/red head colors at dusk, and I think the solid red will fish similarly well

As much as I sometimes think colors don't matter, I see a color like the dark red that makes me rethink colors all over again.

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