Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November Deliveries

Once we got power back in the shop, I sat in the paint booth and cranked out a few orders. Hopefully there are some cooperative fish still around to throw these lures at.

The Saltwater Edge
The Saltwater edge got a complete re-stock. They have the most expansive selection of Choopy products in their online store. Check out their inventory, I am sure there is something in stock that will fit just perfectly in your plug bag.

They also have a thread up in their forums for Choopy product reviews. Check it out and share your experiences with their customers.

RM Tackle
Keep your eyes peeled at RM Tackle for a restock of darters and needlefish. Hopefully the mail man will deliver them in the next day or so, and Ryan will add them to the store shortly after. I tried to get a broad selection of colors that were requested at the SOL forums and the Choopy Facebook page. One color I am pretty excited about is the bone 1 1/2 oz. Needlefish and 1 3/4 oz Darters I did. This will be a new color I fish a lot.

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