Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Do you have a bigger darter?

Quite a few times a year I have the following conversation with a fellow fisherman, and usually at one of the winter flea markets. It's happened enough that I started to wise up and pay attention.

Darter Fan #1: I like your darters. Do you make a larger size?

Me: Yes. It fishes pretty well and has caught a bunch of fish. But it's not available commercially.

Darter Fan #1: Why not? You would sell a lot of them.

Me: SuperStrike makes a great darter in the larger size and I think they have that corner of the market covered pretty well.

Darter Fan #1: You should make it.

Me: Thanks. I will consider it in the future.

So I have considered. And I have given in. Sort of. I am going to do a small quantity of a larger darter for the Berkeley Striper Club's fishing flea market. This will be a one time event for now. I have no intention of making these available at a level where you will find them in stores. Maybe if there is interest I will have them again for 2014.

So here is a sneak peak of them. They should finish up around 2 1/4 ounces and are 6 1/2 inches long.

They are now sealed and ready to go for a test swim a bit later this week. As long as the test swim goes well, I will start the painting process. I have some pretty cool ideas for some of the paint these will get, but I would love to hear your ideas, so leave a comment on what colors you would like to see these in!


  1. Your killin me charlie with the availibility haha. How about chrome with a black scale pattern, black back with a black siwash bucktail tail hook? Shawn

  2. The canal guys would cut off a finger to get one

  3. I would love to see a white with a pink chin, maybe with a cool lightly scaled back.


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