Saturday, February 23, 2013

Berkeley Striper Club Flea Market on 3/3/2013

Now that Surfday has happened down here in NJ, I assume that Dennis Zambrotta has your blood ready for fishing as much as mine is. The Berkeley Striper Club's fishing flea market has always been an unofficial start to the season for me. Its not time to fish yest, but its getting closer. Just a week later is the Asbury Park Club's flea market. After Asbury, I take inventory of all the stuff that I haven't done over the winter. I am going to start a bit early this year. Lets see how I am doing this winter:

•Van Staal serviced. Nope
•Abu conventionals cleaned. Nope
•Sat at the table and changed hooks on plugs: Nope
•Do I have any idea of the things I actually need: Nope
•Do I have a list of things that I want: YUP!

So it seems that everything is progressing as they always do. Just a normal winter here at Choopy headquarters.

While I haven't been doing the winter maintenance stuff on all my gear, I have been kicking out the sawdust. I have lots of cool colors ready for Berkeley and Asbury. I hope you guys dig them as much as I do. One of the plugs I am excited to bring to Berkeley is a larger version of my darter.

Here are some specs on it:
• 6 1/2" long
• Approximately 2 1/4 oz.
• (2) 3/0 VMC 9626 Hooks
• Fishes 2-3 feet deep. A little more or less depending on the current.
• Colors:Pollack, Chicken Scratch, Seabass, Squid, Bunker and Bergall.
• Available in LIMITED quantities

In case you guys didn't notice the caps above, they are going to be available in LIMITED quantities. Meaning, I am not expecting that these are going to last through the whole show. If you are into wood darters, I wouldn't wait too long to check them out. I have no intention of selling them to shops, and I doubt I will do another run of them until maybe next winter, if you guys seem to like them.

So in order to help spread them around, I am going to let you know how these are going to be sold. I am not expecting a line for them, but I am anticipating a bit of demand.

• Cost: $25.00 each
• Limit of 2 until 10:30 am, or the demand for them dies off.
• They will not be sold until the doors are opened for the public.

While these darters are going to be a special item for Berkeley, I will have a selection of needlefish, swimmers and lil Barky's as well. Lots of stuff if you are a freshwater fisherman to go along with all the staples needed for fishing the surf.

Looking forward to seeing you all and talking some fishing!

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