Sunday, March 3, 2013

Larry's Tackle @ RISAA

Every year I ask what what winter fishing shows and flea markets you would like to see Choopy Lures at, and one of the suggestions is always RISAA. And I never end up going. Unfortunately its the same weekend as the Asbury Fishing Flea Market down here in NJ. Maybe I will make the commitment to go next year.

L to R: Bergall, Pollack and Sea Bass
But since I won't be there this year, I sent some pretty cool swimmers up to Larry's Tackle, who will be at RISAA. Last year I sent some exclusive mackerel patterns (I am psychic and predicted the epic mackerel run though the canal!) that worked out really well, so I thought I would send some exclusive colors for Larry's Tackle to bring this year. While Choopy won't have a booth there, Choopy Lures will still be repped!

I really liked how the darters came out in the "boulderfield collection" so I thought I would do some swimmers in those colors as well. Some colors that I have never done before in swimmers and I think they look pretty cool. So here you go. 3 oz. Metal Lip Swimmers in Bergall, Pollack and Sea Bass.

Please stop by the Larry's Tackle's booth and check them out!

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