Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The 2013 Carnival Tour...Over

The 2013 carnival tour has come to an end. It was fun. It was tiring. But now it is over. As sad as it might seem, I gladly look forward to the next chapter of 2013...FISHING!!!!!

I want to give a quick thanks first though. The following clubs did a great job of running their flea markets and making me feel at home:

The Delaware Valley Surf Anglers
The Barrington Rod and Reel Club
The Southern Regional High School Fishing CLub
The Berkeley Striper Club
The Asbury Park Fishing Club.

Thanks also to Steve over at Larry's Tackle for taking some custom painted 3 oz. Metal Lip Swimmers to RISAA; and to Dave and Eric over at the Reel Seat from bringing lots of good stuff over to Surfday.

Also thanks need to go out to my crew that helped man the tables with me, carry boxes of plugs, listen to my drivel for hours on end and made these shows a fun time. Luke. Ed. John. Steven. Brian and Mason. Thanks!

And last but not least. Special thanks to everyone that stopped by my table. Whether you wanted to talk fishing, lures, tell stories about last year or purchase a few plugs. I greatly appreciate it and I hope its not lost in the hustle of the day when it can get a bit hectic at these flea markets.

So now its time to move on and put all the new goodies to use. First thing for me is to go find my 1/4 oz. and 3/8 oz jigs and pull the jon boat out. As soon as we get a warm sunny day, I am force feeding some lil Barky's to some largemouth.

I guess I should get my VS serviced too.

And most importantly, I need to hit the gym, because that wetsuit is going to be way to snug. Yikes!

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