Thursday, May 16, 2013

Darters. RM Tackle re-stock!

The darter craze continues. Apparently a lot of anglers eyes are being opened to the benefits of fishing darters. I haven't figured out why everyone is in darter love all of a sudden, but I am glad to know that darters are becoming a well known and used lure.

I have talked to death about my love affair with darters. They are a fantastic lure to search with. They cover a lot of water, fish will in calm water, current, and everything in between. Whether on jetty tips, boulder fields or the open sand, its one of the first lures that I grab out of my plug bag.

So in order to keep you guys on the hook, I did another batch of darters for RM Tackle. Keep an eye on their facebook page or their newsletter for when they will be up in the store (hopefully real soon!). Until then, just gaze lovingly.

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