Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Forgotten 5/8

I noticed over the past few years that the 5/8 Needlefish lost a bit of its popularity. I wasn't quite sure why, but often wondered about it. It is a vital lure in my arsenal, so I think everyone should be fishing it. Maybe thats not all that practical.

Perhaps people had a stockpile of them already? Or the sand eel run of 2011 had people looking for heavier and longer casting needlefish? Maybe people just forgot about them? Its always hard to figure fisherman out.

So, I was really excited when I opened my email last week and found an email from a gentleman looking for more 5/8 oz. needlefish. He shared a few pictures and put up a post on a messageboard about how he likes to fish this needle. I was really enthused because he fishes them in a different way than I do, so I had something to learn.

So instead of telling you a few of his tricks, I will just let him do it. Head on over and read "Do the Choopy"

A beautiful striped bass on a 5/8 oz. Choopy Needlefish

I love seeing plugs that look like the one below. You know that they have done their job and deserve retirement. For no other reason than to tell the stories of the fishing they have endured.

This a great box of needlefish. Lots of variety of styles and builders. But I take great pride and appreciation that fisherman have such faith in my lures. It is very humbling. So to all the fishermen out there that have only one Choopy Lure in their box or bag, or a whole bunch like this one, THANK YOU!

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