Sunday, January 26, 2014

Introducing the 1.2 oz. Needlefish

The first flea market is 3 weeks away, and the shop is burning everything in sight in order to keep it tolerable. It was a balmy 50 degrees in the factory this weekend.

So this will be the first part of a four part series where I give you some details on the lures I will be bringing to the flea markets. I won't be bringing anything you can find in the stores, so its all new stuff that you haven't seen much of, so I think a little introduction might be in order. So with out further delay:

 The 1.2 oz. Needlefish.

This little guy has proven to pack quite the punch. Read the spec's on it and you can see why.

• 4.5" long
• Weighs 1.2 oz..
• 220 lb Krok hook hanger
• Stainless steel through wire construction
• Birch hardwood
• Epoxy sealed
• Epoxy clear coat finish
• #1 VMC 9626 and 3/0 VMC 9171 siwash

Lets start with the length to weight ratio. In very unscientific terms, this ratio makes this lure cast far and tracks in the wind really, really well. Just point and shoot, the 1.2 will do the rest. So if you need to reach the outer bar, or make far cast's to the inside of the bar parallel to the beach, this is the needle fish for you. Once it hits the water, it  sinks to where you want it to, and stays there. It fishes up top, on the bottom and very well with a twitch/stop retrieve.

And speaking of a twitch/stop/pause/slow/fast few cranks retrieve, the 4.5" and slender body are a great profile to match those sand eels that are scattering from their safe and comfy homes in the sand. We had great success with them when bass were feeding on sandeels on the beach, or when the bas were on spearing on the jetty's and you needed a bit more finesse presentation in close to the rocks.

I think you guys will really like this little guy. Its a versatile needlefish that I relied on very heavily this year. I tried to mix the colors up and provide a little bit of everything that people request.

One really cool thing I am going to do, even though its not pictured above, is that I am going to have some of the 1.2 Needles grooved for eelskins, and I will have them skinned and rigged ready to go! I am not sure how many eels I have in the freezer to skin for these, but I hope to get a few done and if you have been interested in fishing eelskin plugs, this will be a great introduction for you, the works all done! All you have to do is throw them in the fridge and cast them once the fishing heats up again.
Please stop by the table at one of this winter's flea markets (listing here) and check the 1.2 Needlefish out. I think you guys will like them as much as I do.

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