Sunday, February 23, 2014

2H Darters and BSC & AP Flea Markets

So a quick review before we head into the Berkeley Striper Club's Flea Market and Asbury Park Fishing Club's Flea Market in the next 2 weeks.  Here is what I will be bringing to them (click on the link for more info):

1.2 oz. Needlefish
JBSC Needlefish
JP-5 Jointed Pike

And last byt not least :

The 2H Darter!

I had a few of these last year at Berkeley, and did a larger run of them this winter. Here is a refresher course on the specs:

• 6 1/2" long
• Approximately 2 1/4 oz.
• 500 lb Krok hook hangers
• Stainless steel through wire construction
• (2) 3/0 VMC 9626 Hooks
• Epoxy sealed
• Epoxy clear coat finish
• Fishes 2-3 feet deep. A little more or less depending on the current.

And now some pretty pics


Please stop by the table at one of this winter's flea markets (listing here) and check out everything I have been working on this winter. I think you guys will like them as much as I do. 

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