Sunday, February 9, 2014

More new stuff: The JP-5

The next installment of new stuff in 2014.... drumroll please...the JP-5!!

The JP-5 is a jointed pike swimmer that was meant to imitate baits that are 5" long. In the saltwater it could be bunker, mullet, herring or shads, and in the fresh water it imitates bluegills, shads, perch and herring.

So here are some specs:
• 5" long
• Weighs 1.5 oz.
• 310 lb Krok hook hanger
• Stainless steel through wire construction
• Alaskan Yellow Cedar
• Epoxy sealed
• Epoxy clear coat finish
• 1/0 VMC 9626 and 4/0 VMC 9171 siwash

 Last weekend John and I were able to get some goot footage of it swimming. John took his crazy pills that morning and stuck his hand in the cold, cold water; way too many time, in order to get some underwater footage. Get your popcorn. Quiet on the set... Action!

And if that doesn't explain this plug, I am not sure I can write it out much better. So please stop by the table at one of this winter's flea markets (listing here) and check them out. Less than a week away before the fun begins! 

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