Choopy Lures is now entering its 10th year of selling lures. However, Charlie has been building lures since 1997. At first it was just a popper carved by knife, but then came lathe turned swimmers, needlefish and darters. While the early plugs weren't pretty, they were the foundation for the long process of learning how to build a plug, and what properties a lure needed in order to induce a fish to strike it. While fishing the shoreline of NJ, and throughout the north east, his plugs were put to the test. The fish and fellow fisherman approved! He started selling his needlefish in 2003. Then production started with metal lipped swimmers, darters, pikes and poppers. Choopy Lures continue to evolve with better materials and methods in order to produce the best possible plug for fisherman everywhere.

We hope you like the plugs shown here and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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